Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bakers' Secret Banana Bread

This is the most amazing Banana Bread I have ever had. Its moist and sweet and just disapearing should we say. It does not last at all in this house.

I dont know what emily Ansara Baines idea for the mashed bananas was to get them to total mush or chunky but I keep them chunky. It makes for a great ballance in this bread.

 As you see here I have used an old potato masher to mash the bananas.
This makes them stay chunky in the bread. Also to mix all the ingredients together I use a large salad fork like used for serving salad. This keeps more mashing to a minimum.

 Here are all of the ingredients I have already measured them out into my prep bowls. That way I know I didnt forget anything. 9 ingredients in this bread thats it so simple. the brown ingredient is turbinado sugar also known as raw sugar. It definitely adds to this recipe. Also dont skip the melting of the butter part.

 I have mixed the ingredients all together here and now you can see this batter is chunky and not a smooth consistancy.

 Here you can see me using a cake tester to check the doneness. Perfect. I reduced the cooking time from 45 minutes to 35 minutes. I could have probably done 32 minutes to be done. But always under bake something and check doneness with a cake tester. It can always be cooked longer but it can never be cooked less.

This is perfectly cooked banana bread the lighter specks you see are the chunks of banana. I have not had a moister banana bread in my life. So definitely check out this one from the cookbook.

I hope you liked this little posting and please check back soon. I will have more recipe experiances from The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook soon.

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